Saturday, 7 April 2012

Fabula Bio Fiber Nano - Cellulose Facial Mask

Hi Darls,

Saya nak share produk baru daripada Fabula iaitu BIO FIBER MASK - FACIAL MASK. 

Ada 3 jenis mask :-

  • Fabula biofiber nano-cellulose mask - whitening and moisturizing
  • Wrinkless & Moisturizing Facial Mask
  • Anti -Aging Eye Mask

Fabula biofiber nano-cellulose mask - whitening and moisturizing

Only 20 minutes for a fair translucent skin! Vitamin C Sodium, Tranexamic Acid, Alpha Arbutin and cucumber extract may block the formation of melanin effectively and then mitigate it! Nano-cellulose with 200 times moisture holding ability, plus refreshing, highly effective skin whitening essence which can be absorbed rapidly, it regulates skin condition instantly without burdening, giving you fair translucent skin!

Whitening: RM36/pc, RM135/per box @ 4pcs

I notice it state can reduce wrinkle too =) every gal ♥♥♥ this 

What They Says??

can see instant brightening effect after applying!

I love discovering new things! I came across Fabula Nano- Cellulose Mask and soon fall in love with its texture and effect! I've never seen any mask that fits my skin like a second layer of my skin, not to mentioned how moisture and supple my skin after applying it. Try it, and you will believe what I said!"

It gives me immediate moisture and brightening effect
in just 20mins! It has become my secret
to look fresher.

Facial mask is probably the only thing I apply for maintenance. I used many types of mask before. Since the first time I used Fabula Nano-Cellulose mask, I realized it is exceptional! Impressive 100% fitting and skin moisture after 20-30 minutes of use before sleep, and so I am ready and confident for shootings next day. Fabula Nano-Cellulose mask, my lazy-woman saver.

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